B&T’s Beard Comb


Our Signature Beard Comb:

For the man who has it all: we introduce the B&T’s Beard Comb! We figured a badass beard deserves a badass comb so we opted out of those crappy plastic ones that can damage your manly mane and went with this sandalwood and buffalo horn comb. Each comb is guaranteed to be made using the horn of a buffalo that we personally wrestled to the ground.*

*Not a guarantee


Why Do I Need a Beard Comb?

Great question! The beard comb serves several important purposes. First of all, it obviously helps you style your beard and does so while damaging the hair less than a beard brush would. Secondly they help evenly distribute your beard oils throughout your beard.

OK… Why Not Just Buy a Dollar Store Comb?

Please, don’t even joke about that! Cheap combs are usually made by injecting plastic into a mold. When the mold is pulled apart, it leaves a very small jagged edge around the comb. This edge then cuts into your beard hair, damaging it and forcing you to cut it if you want it to grow again properly.

Our comb is polished buffalo horn which does not have these edges and will not damage your precious beard. Do yourself a favor and just buy our comb. You won’t regret it!


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