Our Products


All of B&T’s Fine Goods’ Beard Oils are the result of months of product testing and reformulating to bring you a great product that will not only make your beard softer, healthier and assist in its growth, but also smell great! Our beard oil also has the added benefit of keeping the skin underneath your beard hydrated and will help prevent that dreaded beard dandruff. Our goal is to create the best beard oil on the market and we feel you will agree we have taken the right steps toward our goal.

Our beard oils are hand made in Abbotsford, BC, Canada in very small batches and come in sealed amber bottles which help prevent the degradation of the oil due to UV light exposure. When you receive your beard oil, store it in a dark place, which will further prevent the negative effects of UV light on the oil and prolong its shelf life.


Beard balm serves a similar purpose to that of beard oil but comes as a solid with a buttery-like consistency. Our beard balm contains some carrier oil and essential oils for scent,  but it also utilizes shea and cocoa butters, coconut oil and beeswax for a slight hold. Due to the effects of the butters and coconut oil on your skin, this is a good product for those who have dryer skin, and as a result: dandruff. The added beeswax allows for some styling of a beard or mustache; however, it is not as strong of a hold as mustache wax. This product is well suited to those who have a thinner beard as beard balm can give the appearance of a fuller one.


Although mustache wax is pretty self explanatory, it is worth mentioning that ours is made of all natural ingredients, whereas, some other brands use synthetic products such as petroleum jelly in their formulas. Our mustache wax is simply beeswax, coconut oil and a small amount of shea butter with added essential oils for scent.


Our carrier oil is a blend of avocado, sweet almond, jojoba and argan oils. This combination was selected after much research and a long trial period due to the various beard-health benefits of them as well as the general feel once applied to your beard. This blend of oils should help keep your skin hydrated, provide moderate UV protection, help avoid split ends, soften your hair and promote hair growth.


Beard oil is scented using essential oils. Essential oils have a variety of benefits, both physically and mentally. They are regularly used in cosmetics, candles, hair care products, soaps and aromatherapy. They are made from cold pressing the plant/fruit/spice/etc. With this in mind, if you are allergic to certain items, you could have a reaction to the essential oil from it.