Carrier Oils

Beard oils start with a carrier oil – that is the blend of oils which make up the majority of the product.  Our blend of carrier oil is the result of months of testing and reformulating to bring you the best possible product. Our blend consists of:

Avocado Oil:

Avocado oils are known for their wide variety of benefits, both when eaten as well as when applied to the skin and hair. Avocado oil reduces inflammation and nourishes the hair and skin. Not only this but it helps increase blood flow to your hair follicles and contains vitamin E which assists in hair growth. Avocado oil is the foundation on which your healthy beard is built on which is why all of our beard oils start with this oil.

Sweet Almond Oil:

When it comes down to it, Sweet Almond Oil is really for the other people in your life. Almond oil is known for it’s skin benefits, such as helping to prevent dry, flaky skin (ie. beard dandruff). Almond oil also helps soften your hair which is great for those with really wiry facial hair.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is a very popular oil for use in beards as the chemical makeup of it closely resembles that of the natural oils in your skin; although, jojoba oil is technically not an oil, but a liquid wax. Jojoba has numerous benefits, most notably: it’s ability to soften your skin and hair while still strengthening it. It will also not plug your pores and shouldn’t cause any skin irritation.

Argan Oil:

Argan oil is another popular oil within the cosmetics industry and very beneficial to facial hair. For our purposes, argan oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acids. Argan oil helps keep your skin underneath your beard hydrated, while preventing acne. It also helps to prevent split ends, and assists in the growth of your beard.